Meet Marcy Antone


This is Marcy, Marcy ran away from home as soon as she turned 12, she is determined to get her education though, so she makes sure to attend school every day. If and when she meets someone special and a child is born that child will endure a wonder child challenge and then we’ll be into the start of the legacy proper! Wish me luck!  Marcy loves the outdoors and is a touch on the jealous side.


An Update

Just a small update to let you all know that we will give Marcy and Robi a bit of time to acclimatise (play on words there, get it?) to their newly patched game, so we won’t be hearing from them until some of those pesky bugs have all been ironed out.  Here’s hoping our wonderful team of Guru’s can fix all the things, quickly, because I want to see what happens next, just like you…

Chapter 31

We left Robi and Marcy in good spirits, shall we see how they are getting on this week?

Wait Robi, what are you doing?

05-19-18_6-32-16 PM

“Mmmm, Marcy – you smell so good!”

Our girl looks unconvinced by her Romeo’s not so subtle move this time around, however, undeterred he takes her hands and brings them to his lips.

05-19-18_6-32-43 PM

This makes Marcy all flustered and she heads back to the relative safety of indoors, but Robi follows, determined to show her exactly how he feels for her.

05-19-18_6-39-01 PM

The kiss takes Marcy almost completely by surprise, but what’s weird is that she likes it, the touch of Robi’s lips on hers, there and then the next instant gone, leaves her feeling, disappointed, she wishes that he had lingered there just a while longer.

Robi leans back to check that Marcy is OK. He can hear her laboured breathing but he needs to know that she is truly alright with what has just transpired.

05-19-18_6-39-24 PM

“Are we… OK?”

He asks?

“Uh huh.” Is all that Marcy can manage in reply.

Deciding to bring things back down a notch, he caresses her cheek.

05-19-18_6-40-31 PM05-19-18_6-40-35 PM05-19-18_6-41-00 PM

The moan that escapes her lips is just too much for him so he decides “To hell with this” and goes in to kiss her throat.

05-19-18_6-41-54 PM

Once again, our dear Marcy is taken back a bit, the sharp intake of her breath must have alerted our boy that she was not entirely comfortable with the situation, so he changes tack and starts to tickle with his stubble.

05-19-18_6-41-56 PM

Marcy can’t help but giggle and the situation is diffused, but our poor boy is left wanting, and surprising even herself, so is she.

The pair are distracted when the kitties all start meowing at once, they go through to the hall way to find them all sat staring at the front door. But, wait, one of them is missing. It seems little Mia has run away from home. Marcy is heartbroken. She feels responsible, if she had only spent less time with Robi and more time with her fur babies, Mia might still be here.


Chapter 30

Yes, dear readers, I know that I left you all waiting on that cliff for a week, and am I sorry?! No, not really 😛

Let’s get back to our Sims shall we.

Robi had decided to have a go at turning the blossoming friendship between himself and our dear Marcy into a love story. Shall we find out how he got on?

05-19-18_6-06-40 PM

05-19-18_6-07-06 PM

05-19-18_6-07-37 PM

Well it would seem our Robi is a bit of a smooth operator!

Just look at how Marcy is looking at him, she is clearly happy that he decided to make his move. (Even if he clearly has some sort of tiger striped rash all over his body.)

He had also found something to give Marcy while she was out on one of her collection expeditions…. (get your minds out of the gutter please!)

05-19-18_6-08-54 PM

Marcy was touched, (again out of the gutter please!) that someone had thought to pick her a flower, and to surprise her with it. Instinctively she threw her arms around our hero.

05-19-18_6-09-29 PM

05-19-18_6-12-43 PM

Robi couldn’t believe that she would do this, to hug him, of her own accord and over a Rose? He had no idea how much this meant to her, she had never been given a token of affection before, she had had tokens that she had collected herself stolen and sold, for who knows what, but to actually be given something that someone had seen and thought of her?! To her it was inconceivable.

05-19-18_6-13-36 PM

And when he took her hands and looked deeply into her eyes, she felt that he could see directly into her soul. She felt some of those carefully constructed walls around her heart weaken, and she knew, that he would always care and look after her.

05-19-18_6-13-28 PM

The hand holding went off for more than a beat and Robi felt something shift as well (do I have to tell you again?). Not for the first time, but with more hope than before, he felt that they really could make a go of it ‘here’ and provide for a happy and healthy family.

05-19-18_6-15-38 PM

Whisper was oblivious to the stirrings (hmmm…) going on next door and was just happily riding along on her newly appropriated carriage.

05-19-18_6-24-36 PM.png

The next week or so passed quickly, both our hero and heroine were taking their time, they had yet to have their first kiss, it seemed as though they were in some kind of magical loop where nothing could touch them, and they were both… Happy.

05-19-18_6-25-49 PM

A feeling that Marcy thought she could never experience.  She enjoyed getting to know him more, his foibles and niggles intrigued her, never being close enough to anyone before to know that those sorts of things existed!

05-19-18_6-29-20 PM

Robi’s smile was always present, even when doing the dishes.

Well, dear readers, we shall leave our love birds in their bubble and just have to hope that nothing comes along to pop it.


Chapter 29

Robi and Marcy are now getting on like a house on fire! They are truly insuperable. When one of them is outside, the other is sure to be found, and a good thing too as Robi seemed to be having some problems with the washing line.

05-02-18_9-20-02 PM

05-18-18_2-03-36 PM


He has no issues in asking Marcy for help.

05-18-18_2-05-34 PM

And Marcy has no issues with setting to work, while they continue to chat.

05-18-18_2-05-57 PM

And when indoors, they are mostly found together at the chess table, both are becoming quite proficient, but it’s normally Marcy who says check mate.

05-18-18_2-09-51 PM05-18-18_2-12-20 PM

Their relationship is improving, but they still haven’t quite worked out that it wouldn’t kill them to sleep in the same bed.

05-18-18_2-13-13 PM

But at least Marcy is now taking her turn on the loveseat, baby steps dearest girl, baby steps.

05-19-18_6-20-08 PM

Marcy has gotten back into the habit of heading out to gather resources to sell via the mysterious, almost magical postal system.

05-18-18_2-14-39 PM

Between you and me dear readers, I think she still relishes this time alone with her thoughts, but she knows now that there will be a meal awaiting her return home, which is something she has never experienced.

05-18-18_2-21-41 PM

Robi is relishing playing the role of house husband, he likes to care for Marcy and it seems like she is starting to understand that this is what normal looks like.

05-19-18_5-27-11 PM

One evening, after an incredibly invigorating run, Robi decides that they have been getting along swimmingly for long enough. He has seen the way that Marcy looks at him when she thinks he’s not looking and he knows how he feels about her.  He also knows that Marcy has intimacy issues and may not react the way that he hopes, it’s a big gamble, but he’s hoping that it pays off. He has a plan.

05-19-18_6-03-33 PM

He starts off by inviting her to watch clouds.

Robi: “That one looks kinda like Petros, don’t you think?! All fluffy and arrogant!”

Marcy giggles and his heart melts a little more, he really wants to make our dear girl happy.

“I guess it does, it’s like we’ve given him a new toy and he’s thinking “What on earth do you expect me to do with that??””

Robi lets out a belly laugh at that, and they continue to chortle while watching the wisps of cloud pass over the deep blue sky

Marcy has butterflies, she can tell that something is about to change, the problem is she’s not sure that she wants it to. Yes, Robi is attractive, his physique is just divine, it’s hard to be around him when he’s wearing just his jammy bottoms and she caught a glimpse of him sleeping the other day, he looked so adorable and peaceful.

05-19-18_5-49-30 PM

He’s kind and caring too, she’s never experienced the sort of attention that she gets from him, she’s always felt used by anyone close to her, and she as thinks back to how she treated him, bile rises in her throat.  She wants to make him happy, but she’s not sure that she can, she doesn’t know if she knows how.

Robi suggests moving to the bench. And yawns, well, pretends to yawn. Yes it’s the oldest trick in the book, but he reckons it must be that for a reason.

05-19-18_6-06-40 PM

Well dear readers, we’re going to leave Robi and Marcy just there. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out if Robi’s blatant move works, or if it’s all just too much for our dear Marcy…






Chapter 28

Our poor Marcy truly had no idea how to rectify the situation with her ‘housemate’, as she worked on her latest sculpture, she couldn’t help but sneak glances at the man she shared her house with, he wasn’t bad looking, she supposed.

05-02-18_7-52-14 PM

He helped out a lot around the house, and she couldn’t help remember how he looked after her with her illness and the shame and guilt came back to the fore.

05-02-18_8-36-12 PM

Her day passed with all the normal chores, and a plan formulated in her mind.

She would start by making him a meal. The next morning, she called Robi to breakfast.

05-02-18_8-49-00 PM

He looked a tad baffled, and who could blame him, they had been sharing the same space for over a month by now, and he could probably count on one hand the number of times she had actually spoken to him.

She started the conversation:

Marcy: “Look, I want to apologise for the way I have been acting around you, I have been behaving like a spoilt child who has been denied their choice of toy, it hasn’t been fair to you, I truly am sorry. I hope that we can start again?”

Robi: “Wow, well, wow.”

Was his response. To be fair, this had come completely out of left field for him, he had no idea of the inner monologue that had been happening in our dear girl’s head.

Marcy went to speak again, but before she could, Robi interjected.

Robi: “Sorry, that wasn’t a great response, but, well, I just wasn’t expecting it. If I’m honest, I was expecting you to ask me to leave, because, well, we haven’t really been getting on have we?”

Marcy: “Leave?! How could I ask you to leave, you were chosen for me, I have to trust that decision was made with thought and purpose behind it.”

Robi: “Yeah, but still, that’s what I thought, that this was like the last meal before the hang man, so to speak.”

Marcy: “No, definitely not, I meant what I said, I really hope we can start over.”

Robi took a moment to digest this, then he looked like he had an idea.

05-02-18_8-49-38 PM

Robi:Hi, my name is Robi Crews, it’s nice to meet you.”

A little confused, it took a moment then she figured it out.

Marcy: “Hi Robi, I’m Marcy, it really is lovely to meet you.”

Then they both dissolved into fits of giggles. The ice well and truly broken, they continued with their meal and got to know each other a bit better.

Marcy divulged a little of her upbringing, and this helped Robi understand why she had so many walls that needed, if not breaking down, then lowering slightly.

Robi told her a little of how he grew up and Marcy came to understand how he simply couldn’t begin to fathom what she had been through as a child.

The conversation between them, once started just didn’t abate, they talked as they went about their chores, and they even went for a swim together.

05-02-18_9-10-40 PM

It seems all this pair needed was a kick up the backside to get them to realise how well they could get on, we never did find out what caused her unexplained dizzy spell… Let’s hope it lasts…


Chapter 27

The next days passed into weeks and pretty much the same things happened each day, the two of them lived separate lives within the same house, and it had turned into a house, from being a home.

Both Marcy and Robi walked on egg shells, not wanting to challenge the status quo for the time being.

05-02-18_7-49-38 PM

Robi made himself as comfortable as he could, feeling like a guest in someone else’s home.

He did chores to help out around the place, but he felt that Marcy must just feel that he was trying to make a good impression.

05-02-18_8-10-13 PM

He often took an evening swim to try and clear his head, he often felt he could see the cogs turning in Marcy’s mind about how she wanted to make the best of the situation, but then the shutters closed again, and he was left feeling more alone than he ever had before.

05-02-18_8-10-13 PM

He spent his nights on the wooden bench in the study, which, he was the first to admit,  was not doing great things for his temperament. Although, I think the kitties knew that the treatment he was receiving was unfair.

05-02-18_8-28-09 PM

Still, he tried to keep a smile on his face so that Marcy would start to feel comfortable around him.

05-02-18_7-59-04 PM

He imagined that this is what Horse Whisperers’ felt like, trying to gain the trust of a wild animal, that had known nothing but fear and hardship.  He would not give up though.

Marcy knew that she was being unfair on Robi, she knew that she ought to try talking to him at least, but she just couldn’t bring herself to.

05-02-18_8-53-37 PM

This morning after breakfast, our dear Marcy started to feel a little unwell. In fact, she passed out right there on the kitchen floor.

05-02-18_8-58-06 PM

Robi carried her to her bed, and bought water to her for when she awoke.

05-02-18_9-00-45 PM

She was groggy and unfocused when she came to, it had become dark and she wondered how on earth she came to be on her own bed, she remembered nothing past feeling a little peculiar after breakfast.

Sipping the water by her bedside, where had that come from? She wondered to herself. Then it hit her, Robi must have looked after her. Why would he do that? Why wouldn’t he just leave her on the kitchen floor.

It was what she deserved after the way she had been treating him recently, when he walked into a room, she had walked out. She had made herself food, but none for him.

“Fuck!” She said out loud, when it hit her. She had been treating him how she was treated growing up, as nothing but an inconvenience. Someone to be endured.

She felt truly desolate when the realisation came to her. She knew she had to change the way she was treating him. But how?

Chapter 26

Marcy was in the back garden, fuming did not quite cover how she was feeling, she had come back here in the hopes that her new “housemate” would not follow her and it seemed she was correct.

Opening the letter that had been in the mailbox, she felt that she already knew what was going to be said, so she wasn’t that worried.

Marcy, my dear,

A mate for you has been chosen, no, it’s not who you hoped for, but someone whom I feel will bring you a great deal of happiness.

“Happiness my arse” She murmured to herself.

I am certain that you will be unhappy with the situation at present, but please trust in me, you have done so thus far and it hasn’t been that bad has it my darling?

I know you lost poor Siggy, but he had a happy life once you found him and took him under your wing. This may sound a little silly, but I believe that Robi will do for you, what you did for Siggy. Show you that life doesn’t have to be lived alone, fearing for your safety from those who should above all have protected you.

I know I haven’t spoken to you much about your childhood, but rest assured my love, I know what you went through, it is unspeakable, but you are healing, Siggy helped, the kitties have helped and now it is time for you to let another Sim into your heart.

Yes, Robi had everything that you did not growing up, a happy home with parents who loved him unconditionally, I know that you feel that this should not be possible, not after everything that you experienced in childhood. But my darling, it is, and I hope that you come to understand my decision to pair the two of you together.

Derrick was a sweetheart, but he cannot do for you what I feel Robi can, show you how to become a good parent. I realise the thought of having children must strike fear into your very soul, fear that you will turn into the sort of parent that you had, that could not, no would not even attempt to protect their child as they grew and blossomed. 

I will leave you with this, and yes, I can hear you mumbling under your breath. I know you are disappointed, but where would you be now, if you hadn’t come “here”? Still living in a tent in Brindleton Bay with no one for company except the crickets?

Take care dear heart and Keep the Faith.

Marcy stared at the paper, it had become wet and she couldn’t understand why, it wasn’t raining?! Then she realised that she was silently crying. How did this omnipresent being know her so well, deep to her core?

She was scared shitless of failing at being a parent, having no proper yardstick from which to measure success. Maybe Robi wouldn’t be such a bad companion, she had already seen him through the window, fussing over the kitties, emptying the kitty litter tray. What was it he said when she had opened the door to him earlier?

“I’m here to stay, to show you that family doesn’t always end in disaster, that a safe home environment is possible.”

That didn’t sound so bad. She didn’t know how to let another Sim into her home though, let alone her heart. She had been on her own for so long. But she thought it might be nice to have someone to share the load with.